We often get asked similar questions to do with our balloon flights, if we have not covered your question below please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

Yes. Hot air balloons are the safest form of aviation. We only conduct our flights when the weather conditions are safe. All of our pilots are highly qualified and will not fly in unstable/unsafe weather conditions.

Vista Balloon Flights predominantly operate within Northamptonshire. We have several launch sites which are listed HERE. We can travel to your preferred location although there will be an additional charge per mile. Sometimes we fly from balloon fiestas and festivals around the country, check HERE for availability.

The majority of our flights will be at an altitude of around 1,500ft. Generally speaking we do not need to fly above 3,500 ft although this will vary depending on conditions at the time of your flight.

Please allow three to four hours for the experience from arriving at the launch site prior to flying to returning to your vehicle after the flight. Our balloon flights will last for approximately one hour, sometimes there may be an operational need to fly for a longer or shorter period of time. All of our flights take place in light wind conditions accompanied with good visibility and no rain forecast.

Balloon flights are made within two to three hours of sunrise and sunset, when the winds are at their calmest. These times vary throughout the flying season as with the daylight hours. Typically from May – August we start at 0630 in the morning and 1830 in the evening. During the colder months, we can usually fly at any time of the day.

Hot air balloons fly with the wind so every flight is different! We don’t have a steering wheel so we only know the approximate direction based on the days wind forecast. The exact landing point will be decided by your pilot during the flight. We always aim to land in animal free grass pastures or cut arable fields.

Please dress for the weather, as if you were to go on a walk in the park or countryside. The temperature in the sky will not be too different to the temperature on the ground. Walking boots or wellingtons are recommended as the launch site will often be damp in the early morning. Trainers are okay however bare in mind we often land in the countryside so you may get them dirty! For our taller guests, we advise to bring a hat as there will be some radiant heat from the burners above us. You may not need it but its better to be prepared! Ladies in particular, we advise to avoid wearing any type of dress or skirt. High heels are not permitted on any of our flights.

We carry insurance cover for any legal liability we may be found to have to you for any injury you may sustain during the course of the flight, or when embarking or disembarking. However, our legal liability is set with maximum limits, that you may deem inadequate to compensate any loss. In this scenario you may wish to consider getting your own additional insurance. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS for more information.

Definitely! We advise bringing cameras in their protective case, which can be safely stowed for landing. Please note, Vista Balloon Flights cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the flight or landing.

Yes. Your friends and family are most welcome to come and watch as you take to the sky. If you have a big entourage, we encourage them to wait in the nearest pub until you return from your flight. One vehicle is permitted to follow our retrieve team on the ground however, it will not be able to follow us on to private property. Please note, champagne is only provided for our passengers.

We provide balloon flights for groups of either two, three or four people. This means the only other person in the basket on your flight will be a qualified commercial pilot.

Unfortunately, yes. It is your safely in mind with our following restrictions;

  • Children must be of a height over 1.4m – this ensures you will be able to see over the side of the basket during the flight and also being able to adopt the correct, safe landing position.
  • Passengers must be fit and well, our baskets do not have doors and you will be required to climb in and our of the basket. You must able to stand for one hour (leaning on the basket) and must be able to bend your knees for the landing period of the flight.
  • We cannot fly you if you are pregnant – if you fall pregnant and are unable to fly, we will extend your voucher. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
  • If you have a medical condition that may become relevant during your flight with us, please notify us in advance so we can do our best to meet your needs. All of our pilots are First aid trained.
  • If you are in excess on 20st (125kg) please contact us prior to booking. There is generally no problem but we need to ensure that the total weight of passengers on the flight does not exceed the operational limit.
  • If you are unsure of whether you can fly with a pre-existing medical condition, please check with you GP/Doctor who will be able to give you a clear answer.

The main season for flying hot air balloons is between April and October. Weekend flights and summer evenings are the most popular due to longer daylight hours although spring and autumn can produce some beautiful flying experiences.

Once you have purchased a flight voucher, you will receive an email confirmation which contains a link to confirm your details. On this page you can select a preferred flight date, preferred launch-site and also provide passenger information.

If you have any queries please contact us.

Alternatively we can provide a bespoke flight. Which will be tailored around your requirements. Please CONTACT US and provide as much detail as possible with your requirements. We will then be able to review your requirements and contact you with further information and costs.

Hot air balloon rides with Vista Balloon Flights start from £225 per person (on a shared flight). Exclusive flights start from £700 for two people, £900 for three people and £1100 for four people.

Flying over somewhere recognisable adds an extra touch of magic to your flight, you may be able to see your house, where you work or where you do the weekly shop!

Our flight vouchers are valid for 12 months from the day they were purchased. Each voucher will have an expiry date, these can be extended if required by contacting us.

If your flight is cancelled due to adverse weather, we will re-book another date provided it is within your vouchers expiry date. We always keep a standby list for passengers who would like to fly at any time, should good weather arrive and we have availability we will contact you.

Our full terms and conditions can be found here.