What We Do

Wedding Day Hire

We can can provide a colourful back drop to any wedding.

Tethered Display

With the balloon anchored to the ground, we can display a message of your choice.

Aerial Advertising

We can offer unique designs to incorporate your brands logo on a balloon from a complete balloon to a simple banner.

Corporate Events

Looking for a fun day out with your colleagues or looking for a meeting room with a view

Balloon Flights

Our balloon flights are tailored for groups of two to four people.

Photo Shoot

Our colourful balloons can be used for all types of photo shoots.

Hire a Hot Air Balloon For Your Wedding

Here is an example of what we can achieve for your special day. Invite you guests inside our balloon for unique photos and a day they will not forget. A tethered balloon provides a superb setting, amazing views, and entertaining and exciting experiences for your wedding guests.

We are pleased to offer a tethered balloon at your wedding venue, with packages starting from just one hour, through to the whole afternoon. The balloon will be anchored to the ground and take vertical journeys before coming back down to the party.

Forget driving away in style, how about rising into the sky above your assembled family and friends? As they raise a glass of champagne to the newly wed couple, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience of floating away with the breeze on a hot air balloon ride. Just don’t forget to toss the bouquet to your bridesmaids before you go!

Unfortunately UK legislation forbids a wedding to take place during a hot air balloon flight. Although you can see that there are still plenty of ways you can enjoy the amazing experiences hot air balloons can offer before and after your ceremony.

Aerial Marketing

Our Aerial Marketing consists of more than just the balloon being created. We work with you to ensure we can achieve maximum exposure. Hot air balloons can be used to create amazing content which can be used across Social Media and your own website. Let us take your branding to quite literally another level.

Balloons typically last up to 10 years, however we can also offer short term banner advertising. We can arrange packages for local, regional, national and international coverage. Put simply, we will work closely with you to accommodate your vision and budget. We are able to offer anything from a standard shape balloon, to pretty much anything you can imagine. We only work with the leading manufactures to help create and build the most incredible balloons.

What benefits does a hot air balloon offer to your company? The simple answer is advertising and promotion, which can be one of the strongest and cost effective types available. Many will people will take photographs and videos. Whether it is the shear size and colours, its grace of movement or the spirit of adventure, balloons attract attention and people want to record that in photographs to look at time and time again.

How many people do you know who will look at an advertising billboard for more than a few seconds to photograph it or will record a TV advert?

Photo Shoot

So you’re looking for a family photo shoot outside? We can offer a range of colourful hot air balloons to be used as a back drop to help create the perfect photoshoot.

We can offer a complete package including a photographer or you can provide your own. We have done several photo shoots with our balloons as a back drop.

Anything is possible, from photo’s inside the balloon with it’s vibrant colours as a back drop, to having the balloon in the background while you and the family enjoy a picnic. We are pleased to be able to offer this service as an ‘add-on’ to our standard flights, there will be an additional cost however, this means you can have a photo shoot, then depart skywards in the balloon.

Mike GayhurstLocal Farmer