Who We Are

Who We Are

Vista Balloon Flights is the only exclusive hot air balloon ride operator based in Northamptonshire. Dedicated to private balloon flights for those looking for a very personal experience. With a genuine passion for ballooning and over 15 years’ experience flying all over the world, from the tops of the snowy Austrian Alps to the dusty deserts of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Owner and Chief Pilot Matt Rate, has been involved with hot air ballooning from a young age. After gaining his private pilot’s license in 2013 he set off flying around the Northamptonshire country side at every opportunity when the weather was suitable and when the day job allowed. Early in 2022 the ‘David Hathaway’ balloon was purchased so we could operate our flights with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers from one group. This ensures that the pilot and ground crew are able to give full attention to customers, before, during and after the flight.

Our Balloon Flights

The balloon ride operators within the UK fly thousands of passengers each year, during the flying season which runs April to October. This means flying larger aircraft with between 8 and 16 passengers on each flight. The largest passenger balloon in Europe now carries 32 passengers! If your balloon flight is cancelled with a large operator due to poor weather conditions, it can quite easily be several months before you will be able to secure another flight date with thousands of customers all competing for the same places.

Vista Balloon Flights are not interested in competing with the large-scale operations as we believe that only offering private, bespoke flights to our customers is a much more enjoyable experience. Our balloons typically fly two, three or four passengers, a truly exclusive flight for you and your loved one or a group of family or friends. This is how Owner and Pilot Matt, first experienced a balloon flight and feels that all balloon flights should be experienced in this way.

Exclusive Balloon Flights

Our exclusive flights can be operated from anywhere within the UK. We have various launch-sites around Northamptonshire and further afield. If you would like to fly in a certain area we should be able to accommodate you. With the correct permission, we can normally fly from local sports pitches or even a local farmer’s field! We would be more than happy to travel to your locality to undertake the flight in your area. Please email your location and requirements,  with as much information possible and we will come back to you.

We have made our website with you, the customer in mind and we have tried to make it full of the information and questions you may need answering. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer a very personal service to answer all of your questions and help guide you through the booking process if required. When you have booked your flight date we will contact you personally before the flight to give a weather update and again on the day of your flight to confirm all the details.

Proposal Balloon Flights

What better way to surprise your loved one, than a hot air balloon proposal! If they thought going for a balloon flight was good enough, imagine how they will react when you pop the question. Apart from your pilot, you will be alone in the basket. Gently floating through the air, watching the world pass beneath you. We will bring the champagne and be ready to toast with a celebratory glass. All we ask of you is that you keep the ring safe and please, do not drop it over the side! When booking a proposal flight, we understand you may have many questions that are not covered on the website, so please do contact us and we can give you a call to discuss the flight. There is no additional costs for a proposal flight, simply book an Exclusive Flight for Two and we can help create the whole experience, truly unforgettable.

Meet Our Pilots

Matt, has been involved with hot air ballooning from a young age. His very…

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